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Whale Watching & Nature Tours

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Conventional wisdom is that Point Adolphus and the surrounding waters of Icy Strait are by far the pre-eminent destination for observation of the acrobatically inclined Humpback Whale. Orca (the Killer Whale), Dall's porpoise, the Stellar sea lion, and an abundance of sea and shore birds are also present and often seen during these excursions. You may also have opportunity to see the occasional brown bear foraging along the surrounding beaches.

Our Marine Nature Tours tend to focus more on near-shore and shoreline wildlife and the various shore and seabirds. The ubiquitous Alaskan brown bear is often seen working the shoreline and the mouths of freshwater streams during these excursions. Good optics (binoculars, camera, etc.) are recommended equipment.


Tok River Outfitters offers three-hour excursions for saltwater fishing or whale watching in the waters of Icy Strait, long renowned for it’s abundance of marine wildlife and excellent saltwater fishing opportunities. 

To secure a booking, we require a minimum of four persons, a maximum of six, minimum 13 years of age. We do reserve the right to combine smaller groups. 

Please call 907.957.2410 or email tokriver@msn.com (preferred) for availability and pricing.


  • We reserve the right to combine smaller groups. You may expect to share the boat with others if your group size is less than six.
  • A deposit of $250 is required to secure a reservation.
  • Personal checks or credit cards are OK for the deposit. Cash, credit card or travelers check are good for the remainder. Due on arrival.
  • Deposits are refundable up to 30 days prior to your scheduled trip.
  • All rates include pick-up and drop-off at Icy Strait Point.
  • All rates do not include a 6.5% City of Hoonah sales tax.
  • While we typically have a bit of bottled water and a few snacks on board, we do recommend that guests bring their own snacks and beverages.

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