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Tok River Outfitters, boasting 20 plus years of fishing Icy Strait and it environs, offers sportsmen and women Halibut and Salmon Fishing Charters, Whale Watching and Marine Nature Tours. We feature half-day tours for cruise ship passengers visiting Icy Strait Point.

For daily rates and multi-day package availability, call 907.957.2410 or email

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What you might expect to see

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  • The brown bear population in Southeast Alaska is doing very well. We see bears OFTEN!
  • An abundance of eagles, seagulls, sea birds, shore birds, and waterfowl
  • Land otter, marten, and mink
  • Sitka blacktail deer, moose, mountain goat, wolves, and coyotes
  • Dall and harbor popoises, orca, humpback, and gray whales
  • Stellar sea lion, sea otter, and pacific harbor seal



"If you plan on halibut fishing in Alaska, you MUST fish with this captain at Icy Strait Point. As a family, we have gone on two other fishing excursions with other tour companies in Alaska. This trip far surpassed any of our expectations. We were promptly met at the dock and when we reached the new fishing vessel, it was obvious that they were well prepared for us. We rode out to the first fishing location and, on the way, we were intrigued by the local stories and facts shared with us. We immediately got all six poles in the water and within 10 minutes had begun catching fish. Everyone was disappointed when this adventure was over. We had even met up with a sea lion who continued to perform for us while we were fishing. We kept two halibut, which were delivered to our home today. We will never forget this adventure!"


"Wonderful day. Plenty of fish caught. Knowledgeable captain. A definite highlight of the trip was my 14-year-old granddaughter catching her first halibut! She caught the largest one all day and the captain made arrangements to have it filleted and shipped to her home. The package of fish arrived on time and in great condition. Good eating for all the family."

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